Thanks for your interest in Volunteering for Jeff Mach Events.

Perks of being a volunteer at a Jeff Mach Event:
- Earn a free meal per shift during an event!
- Great opportunity to make new friends while on shift.
- A look behind the scenes of an event company!
- Respected reputation within the JME community!
- A cheaper ticket price! Woo! More money to spend! ($10 For weekend admission.)
- Free t-shirt!

Each shift is 4 hours long. Show up to your shift 5 minutes early wearing your volunteer t-shirt.

Upon submitting this form you agree that you will follow the rules and regulations of the event, located on the Steampunk World's Fair website. We expect volunteers to follow the volunteer code of conduct.

Volunteer Code of Conduct:
1. Show up to work on time. Find out where you need to be for your shift and arrive 5 minutes before your shift starts.
2. There will be an orientation before your shift (times still to be determined). It is essential for you to attend this course to understand the complexities of volunteering and to be introduced to the senior staff. We distribute food cards at orientation. Meaning: No orientation -> no food card -> no food.
3. Be dressed comfortably and appropriately for your shift. This means that you have on shoes, your volunteer t-shirt, jeans/pants that are comfortable to move around in while on shift. Please keep in mind that this is an all ages event, you must stay covered up and professional.
4. Do not attempt to comp tickets, or get a discounted price for your friends. If they wish to volunteer, great!- send them this link!
**Breaking this rule will lead to an immediate ejection from the event with no refund, and you and your friend will be banned from all future JME events.**
5. Comply with staff requests for assistance, and do not argue with staff. If you believe a member of staff is wrong, or your rights as a volunteer have been infringed upon, please find the Volunteer Coordinator for mediation, or if required, a complaint form. (If you need to file a complaint against a Volunteer Coordinator please see the Manager on Duty (Jakal or Elise) to file a formal complaint.)
6. NEVER use your status to obtain "favors"- monetary, sexual, or otherwise. There are obvious reasons why we do not allow this at our events. Don't be the reason why we can't have nice things.

Please review and become familiar with the event rules for all event goers at:
There will be a review of all topics at the volunteer orientation. Should you have any questions, you may contact us via email at [email protected], or through our home page

You can also include any questions in the Other Info sections.

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