Curious about all of the shows, events, games, music, and more happening at our festival? Trust us, you won’t have time to be bored! There’s always more than enough to keep you busy, no matter which way your tastes run. Here is a tiny sampling of events we have had, or will have, at the Steampunk World’s Fair to whet your appetite.

We post entertainment as soon as it is confirmed for the next up-coming Steampunk World’s Fair, so check the Entertainment listings often to see what we have in store!



A Sampling of Previous Wonders:

Music & Concerts

We have a broad range of auditory fascinations for your discerning ears! Here are only a few examples of the musical talent that frequents SPWF stages, hallways, and courtyards:

  • Gypsy Funk Squad plays a fusion of classic belly dance songs from Turkey, Armenia, Egypt, the Balkans, Israel, and Lebanon, with revamped rock/pop/dance tunes and original psychedelic surprises thrown in…belly style!
  • Steam Bot Unity is group of young, dedicated pantomime artists who love the steampunk aesthetic and play steampunk-inspired music, while looking and acting like robots.
  • Three Pints Shy is a raucous pub band, updating and reinvigorating the Celtic music so beloved all around the world.
  • Psyche Corporation is a fairytale cyber/steampunk band fronted by a former Ladies of Steampunk model and programmer, Psyche Chimère, who combines dance with a powerhouse vocal range.
  • The robots of Steam Powered Giraffe play a collection of original Vaudeville inspired tunes fused with modern flare and executed in a super-sleek, one-of-a-kind performance.

Panels, Discussions, & Classes

  • Hooping Workshop – Perhaps you’ve seen some of the amazing performers at The Steampunk Worlds Fair or abroad and you would like to get a taste of the action?
  • LaBeau’s Chocolate Tasting – Steampunk Chocolatier Alex LeBeau may be a work of fiction, but her chocolates are not! Sample chocolates from the American Steampunk LeBeau Chocolates and Confections with author and chef Nikki Woolfolk.
  • The Steampunk Yoga With Brityoga is an all levels Hatha Style Yoga class with lots of standing poses.
  • Steam Engines 101 – Let’s learn about the STEAM in steampunk! An overview of how steam engines work. This revolutionary technology changed how and where work could be done.

Shows & Live Performances

Steampunk lends itself very well to live performances, and we’re proud to host plenty of original and inspiring shows and events that highlight the art of Steampunk.

  • Night Watch Paradox presents their interactive steampunk rock opera, “Magnificent Machines and Astonishing Tales” Join with the heroic crew of a steam-powered airship as they travel through space and time using their “working” time machine.
  • Absinthe Heroes, an original Steampunk Rock Opera, is darkly humorous, adventurous, and features wit, dash, daring, and chocolate…and of course, music!

Family-Friendly Attractions

Adult-Only Events

  • The Goblin Market is an exhibition and staged show event that deals with a darker and fictional blending of surrealistic themes taking inspiration from the Victorian Era (1830-1900) of history and beyond. Event contains burlesque and darker subject matter (Ages 16+))
  • With a madcap sense of style and flair, Karnevil brings to life a sense of wonder and excitement in us all as they put on a show using tricks and techniques used by sideshows throughout the years.
  • The Nightshade Society blends Gothic horror, arcane mystery, and occultism into a “darker” form of Steampunk.
  • Join Nicole Salomone in a discussion of how the definition of death changed during the eighteenth century and in doing so gave rise to the tales and lore of vampires.