What the Hell is Steampunk?

A guide for the curious, the interested, the unsure; the perplexed, the inquisitive, the somewhat lost; and perhaps even the displeased, the annoyed, and the generally put-out.

This is a really simple, and a really short, post.  Honestly, we can sum it up in three points:

  • There isn’t any one thing that Steampunk “is”.Most subcultures arose from a small number of places, in a certain time period, and spread out from there. What we now call “Steampunk” has existed in all kinds of places, in all manner of shapes, for quite a long time; it’s just that it’s only recently that Steampunk’s started coming together as some kind of coherent social phenomenon.

    That means there’s really no “wrong” way to do it.

  • Following that point, we’d like to encourage people to try experimenting some more with Steampunk things.It’s not like we’d like the world to “go Steampunk”–but realistically, that won’t happen anyway. But there are a lot of people out there who would probably really enjoy playing around with this world, and they’re often put off, because they feel like they don’t know how to do it right or (we hear this a lot) they don’t have any “Steampunk clothes”. But the truth is that it’s actually not that hard to incorporate some aspects of Steampunk into the things you already have and do.

    In all honesty, you can just mess about with Steampunk, and it’s okay.

  • And you know what?  We’re not ashamed to say this:

    poster-steampunk-all-good Simple as that.