What is Steampunk? – Part I

Steam punk style. Three Steampunks in the midst of their peculiar business.

I get asked “What is Steampunk?” just about every day. Rather than just laying down our own opinions as supposed Experts, I like bringing the question to our friends and attendees. Here’s what some of them said, last time we asked.

“Fun, being yourself and living in your own sci-fi world with a touch of whatever my mind wants to invent.”
-Dyzer De Api

“Looking at the concepts of today with the lenses of yesteryear.”
-Victor Wong

“Steampunk is your inner mad scientist having absinthe with your inner airship pilot.”
-Stephanie Kelleher

“Steampunk is the Child of the creativity of every Punk. A Victorian foundation on which you build things limited only by your imagination”
-John Michael

“Living a real life au where steam, coal and maybe some magic, have replaced electricity. Where whimsy has replaced boredom and friendship and love for this art has replaced all our differences.”
-Kim Knueppel

“Steampunk has continually expanded beyond the boundaries of any simple definition. It is now a fully-formed culture with all of the diversity that entails.”
-Lawrence Tagrin

“Steampunk is creating a whole new world in your mind, on paper, or with your friends based on possibilities of the Victorian era.”
-Emerald Katerina Faith

“Steampunk is eloquence of attire and mechanism combined.”
-John Christou

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