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The Steampunk World’s Fair will take place in Piscataway, New Jersey. There are two event hotels. SPWF takes place in both hotels and the outdoor parking lot space between them.

The event hotels are sold out. We were shocked how quickly they sold out too!

An official overflow hotel is available.

If you want our overflow hotels to have perks, like – particularly! – shuttles, we NEED to patronize the official overflow hotel. I do NOT blame people for just looking to see what the cheapest prices are. But…

…if we don’t patronize our overflow hotels, they won’t make their costs back on a shuttle. And that means that we will NOT be able to have a shuttle again – not unless we institute, say, a $20 surcharge for shuttle use, or something else that nobody wants.

So please – do patronize our overflow hotel, friends.

We are actively looking for more official overflow hotels.

A number of rooms are likely to open up closer to SPWF, so check back with the hotels on a regular basis if you are interested in staying at an event hotel.

Embassy Suites Piscataway
121 Centennial Avenue, Piscataway, NJ 08854
Group Code: STE
$169/night (1-2 people)

$179/night (3-4 people)
$$199/night (5-6 people)

The Radisson of Piscataway
21 Kingsbridge Road
Piscataway NJ 08854
SPWF rate $140/night +tax

Some rooms are likely to open up closer to SPWF,so keep checking back.

Overflow Hotels

An official overerflow hotel is available. We are actively looking for more official overflow hotels. Here is a list of other nearby hotels.


Limited shuttle service may be provided by the hotels, dependent on numbers of rooms booked, and their staffing availability.  We are working to find a shuttle solution that will be useful and practial for attendees. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

Room and Ride Share

Check out our Room and Ride Share group on Facebook for help finding people to share a room or ride with.