swap2-300x225Hosted by John K Leigh IV

Hello and Thank you for your interest in the 2016 Trinket Swap. We have a new host, and some new procedures. This is an attendee run event that has grown  a lot over the past 4 years!
More information may be posted onthe SPWF FB group as May approaches.

PLEASE take a minute to read the rules below if you are interested in participating in the Trinket Swap. Rules have changed from previous years.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected].

1.  The Steampunk Trinket swap is limited to 25 spots. You may RSVP your spot to [email protected]
RSVP with your name, item and steampunk persona name (if you have one) to [email protected]
2.  If all the spots spots are filled, there will be a waitlist. If the waitlist gets big enough, there may be a second swap group.
3.  All trinkets/doodads must be handmade by you! Past Examples are
–  Custom Beads
– Handmade hat pins/ Lapel pins
– Pins
4. If making a trinket from scratch is not in your skill-set you may use commercial items as a base but they MUST be altered in some way by your hands (glue, paint, stitching, metalwork, etc…).
– “goody bags” of items that are purchased are not considered handmade
– “vintage” items are not trinkets, they can become PART of the trinket but not the whole trinket.
5. NO edible items this year. People have a variety of food allergies and we’d also like the trinkets to be permanent keepsakes.
6. All trinkets/doodads must be wearable. Attach a clasp, loop, pin back, hairpin or chain so that they can be worn in some fashion.
7. Items must be Steampunk-inspired (however you interpret that). This is the SPWF trinket swap after all.
8. You must bring a minimum of semi-identical 25 trinkets with you to swap.
– 25 random things that you found in your drawer will not work.
– We do know that being handmade, things will vary slightly.
9. All participants must have their trinkets pr-approved before the swap.
– RSVP with your name, item and steampunk persona name (if you have one) to [email protected]. RSVP well in advance of SPWF. Spaces will fill up.
– Come to Ann’s Booty (shop) to have your item approved. Ann’s Booty is vending in the Embassy Hotel, Room TBA
– Friday: Fair open- 10:30PM; Saturday: SPWF opening – 12 PM
– You will then receive a ticket.. You need this ticket to get into the swap…No ticket= No Swap…
10. The decision of the approval committee is final.