Top 7 Reasons Steampunk Thanksgivings Are Lovely

Flying a dinner tray and UFO, pop art retro vector illustration. Delicious food. Science fiction

#7.  If you don’t like this year’s Thanksgiving, you can always time travel to next year’s.

#6.  You can be thankful that it’s impossible to see through your goggles, so no-one can tell if you’ve hit a food coma and fallen asleep.

#5.  If the holiday dinner is excellent, you can store some of it in your top hat for later.

#4.  Replacing the holiday wine with Absinthe is a surefire way to have a livelier, merrier evening.  Possibly with the addition of green Faeries.

#3.  Holiday travel is usually awful, but not if you have an airship!

#2.  Worried about consuming too much pie?  Just install a temporary clockwork tummy to take up the extra storage!

#1.  Secretly, being a Steampunk just makes everything more fun.  That’s not actually a secret.  You can tell other people, if you want to.

-Jeff Mach

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