Tobias McCurry is a young and ambitious Jack of All Trades nerd out of Seattle, WA. Tobias is one part Costumer, three parts Performer, and a whole lot of Live Action Roleplayer. Having been involved in various fandoms and events since 2009, Tobias has become a staple of Steampunk and shenanigans.

As a costumer, Tobias prefers to keep his materials as close to reality as possible, often incorporating various leathers and metals. He also specializes in creating contact-safe foam boffer weapons for LARP games, as well as props that help flesh out quality storytelling for a myriad of fictional worlds.

Enjoying the aspects of performance and community inclusiveness involved in his line of work, he is primarily known for his appearances on GSN’s reality show series Steampunk’d, his presence in the Live Action Roleplaying community, and for his Steampunk “Spring-Heeled Jack” stilt-walking kit.