A Thanksgiving Welcome From Your Real Family

It's a Thanksgiving feast!

I am a misfit born of misfits. And I don’t speak for all misfits…but I offer this Thanksgiving blessing to all who need it –

To those whose families love but do not respect them: May you be able to return that love, but may your loving heart stop seeking an acceptance that is deserved, but doesn’t exist.

For those who must hide essential parts of their lives from those who we were told would always love us, no matter what: May you recognize that blood is genetics, not an unconditional bond, and if parts of you are secret, you are not to blame.

And for everyone about to sit around a table with kin who are sometimes far worse than strangers, may you know this:

Your birth family is what you were given, for good or ill. But we, your chosen family, we love you and care about you for who and what you really are. If Thanksgiving is hard, then I hope you can remember that your real family is always with you. Be strong because we, all those of us who do not quite fit, need every jot of strength we can find today. And be comforted in the knowledge that we, in turn, know you are there for us. And we will get through this together.


This is a repost from last year. I’d planned to write a new piece, but honestly, I re-read this, and it hit home for me; I was thinking it might hit home for some other people as well.

-Jeff Mach

It's a Thanksgiving feast!


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