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Welcome to The Steampunk World’s Fair

Photos of Steampunk Catskills headliners The Eternal Frontier by © Babette Daniels Photography  
Purchase your copy of this image at http://www.babetted.com/Steampunk-Worlds-Fair

Jeff Mach‘s Steampunk World’s Fair is the world’s largest Steampunk event!  All are welcome! We were just featured on The Syfy Channel’s Syfywire: 11 Unconventional Conventions You Have To Geek Out At, by Elizabeth Rayne. Up next: Steampunk Halloween In The Catskills! We’d like to thank everyone who attended this year’s event.  We’d love your feedback; please […]

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Last Day for Early Bird Ticket Prices!

Just in case you were waiting for The Perfect Sign to purchase your Steampunk World’s Fair 2018 tickets…this is it! Today, October 18th, is the last day for our early bird ticket pricing – as of tomorrow, ticket prices will go up by $5.00.  So if you want to snag yourself some reduced rate admission […]

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Pumpkin-Spiced Halloween Steampunk

Sci Fi Retro Futuristic Steampunk Cosplay Woman Portrait

“Pleasure to me is wonder—the unexplored, the unexpected, the thing that is hidden and the changeless thing that lurks behind superficial mutability. To trace the remote in the immediate; the eternal in the ephemeral; the past in the present; the infinite in the finite; these are to me the springs of delight and beauty.”  ― H.P. […]

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Dr. Hyde’s bedtime story: A Halloween vignette

bigstock--201488908 - smaller

Dedicated to Halloween In The Catskills “You claim that Hyde is a beast; but all men are both angel and animal. ” -Robert Lewis Stevenson, “The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” I promise: I am not the monster in your closet. I am not the horrible thing under your bed. I am […]

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What does The Steampunk World’s Fair look like?

steampunk - beat down boogie

“The unreal is more powerful than the real. Because nothing is as perfect as you can imagine it. Because it’s only intangibles, ideas, concepts, beliefs, fantasies that last. Stone crumbles. Wood rots. People, well, they die. But things as fragile as a thought, a dream, a legend, they can go on and on.” – Chuck […]

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The Steampunk Haunted House is nearly here!


It’s The Steampunk Haunted House! Why combine Steampunk and Halloween? This is the heart of it: some people love Halloween because they get to put masks on. But some of us love Halloween because we finally get to take our masks off. When we started doing Steampunk in the Catskills, and then Halloween in the […]

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Why would anyone do Steampunk?

Are there reasons NOT to do Steampunk?  Oh, HECK yes.  Let me give you some. First off, it’s ridiculous. An imaginary 19th century which never happened and which we explore in the 21st century? Why in the world would anyone want to do that? Relatedly, it doesn’t seem to make sense, when you think about […]

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Where did The Steampunk World’s Fair come from?

Fantastic steampunk machine in vintage style. Interweaving pipe units, pressure gauges, devices, components. Retro texture on a separate layer.

Before The Steampunk World’s Fair was Jeff Mach’s Wicked Winter Renaissance Faire – which has only just now returned. A large part of our identity as a rollicking Festival – rather than a convention – comes from that background. We thought we’d take a moment to reflect on where Wicked Faire came from, since it […]

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The Steampunk Haunted House

It's time for a Steampunk Haunted House!

Yes, it’s true! We’re making a STEAMPUNK HAUNTED HOUSE! The Kickstarter goes live on Monday, 8/21/2017; PLEASE DO RSVP for the Facebook event to keep up with the latest info.  Fittingly, it will happen in the darkness of the coming eclipse! We’re so excited that we’ll say it again… We’re Making A Steampunk Haunted House! […]

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Steampunk For World Domination: An Introduction

Steampunk airship mechanic.

STEAMPUNK FOR WORLD DOMINATION! a book by Jeff Mach Introduction: Exactly what the hell are we creating here, anyway? I’m going to let you in on a huge secret here: Steampunk is imaginary. But just because it’s imaginary doesn’t mean that it’s not real. Consider how odd our ideas of “reality” are.  Does a locked door […]

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5 Terrible Ideas For Avoiding Con Crash

Victorian style frightened man screaming in a dark street. Probably realized it's Monday.

How do you avoid con crash?  We’ve all been there.  You go to a convention or festival, you have an incredible weekend, you meet amazing people, you do things that will remain joyful memories forever–and then you get home and crash hard. Some of the best ways to avoid this, I find, are making sure […]

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What is Steampunk music?

Steampunk sky captain

What Makes Music Steampunk?  What IS Steampunk Music? There are a wide variety of opinions on what Steampunk music is and how one might define it.  We asked some of our friends and some Steampunk World’s Fair attendees for their views, and we’d like to share them with the world! Steampunk is an alternative culture […]

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What ISN’T Steampunk?

A peculiar machine of Steampunk origin

What is Steampunk? I’ve always loved the definition by our friend and frequent guest, the talented author Gail Carriger: ” “Steampunk is…the love child of Hot Topic and a BBC costume drama” That’s just silly enough not to tie you down to one place, and yet accurate enough to give you a definition you could […]

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The Kickstarter for our third rock opera “What SHARP Teeth” has launched!

What Sharp Teeth

What SHARP Teeth tells the gloriously warped Steampunk-Fairytale story of Little Red Riding Hood, the Crocodile, and the Narrator, as they journey through a dark and Freudian wood. What will happen in this peculiar retelling?  It’s unpredictable, magical, and sharp-edged, with darkly clever songs and a twisty little plot.  Tickets are available directly through our Kickstarter, […]

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Steampunk & Glamour Magic: A Retrospective & Reading

Glamour Magic

Steampunk & Glamour Magic: A Retrospective & Reading by Deborah Castellano Steampunk is now rich with memes and has its place in pop culture, but what was it like before Steampunk was an established subculture? Where does Steampunk overlap with glamour magic and the occult? Deborah Castellano reflects on ten years of her experience with […]

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Jake von Slatt & The Steampunk Roadster


Jake von Slatt is a maker, tinkerer, and all around techno dilettante living and creating just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Jake is interested in the blending of 19th century aesthetics and technology with the modern world and showcases projects of that ilk on his website. While he eschews the temptation to rigidly define the term […]

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Amy Wilder


Steampunk World’s Fair is proud to welcome Amy Wilder to our fair halls. When Amy Wilder discovered the Steampunk scene at DragonCon in 2010, she quickly found that, like a Dickensian Orphan, she wanted more. It seems more is definitely what she got, as she is now one of the top Steampunk models in the […]

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The Mad Hattress Azkadelia


The Mad Hattress Aerials Extravaganza Azkadelia & Her Minions are back with more fun and nonsense planned than ever! With 16 feet of height and just silky fabric to keep her up you’ll never know what could happen! Come join in and watch as The Mad Hattress takes to the sky, you might even see […]

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Want a chance to appear on Cake Boss?

Steampunk with wings from The Steampunk World's FAir!

We’re going to be on the hit TV show Cake Boss (link has sound!) — they’re going to make the most creative Steampunk cake you ever saw! Want your chance to be on the show?  We need a small group of very dressed up (doesn’t have to be fancy/high class, just has to be really eye-catching […]

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