Welcome to The Steampunk World’s Fair

Photos of Steampunk Catskills headliners The Eternal Frontier by © Babette Daniels Photography  
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Jeff Mach‘s Steampunk World’s Fair is the world’s largest Steampunk event!  All are welcome! We were just featured on The Syfy Channel’s Syfywire: 11 Unconventional Conventions You Have To Geek Out At, by Elizabeth Rayne. Up next: Steampunk Halloween In The Catskills! We’d like to thank everyone who attended this year’s event.  We’d love your feedback; please […]

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What world do we want for Steampunk kids?

The Zimmerman family at The Steampunk World's Fair - taken by Charlie "Crash"

I know some people who talk about having done Steampunk for literally several decades. I can’t trace it back that far myself; while I fell in love with K.W. Jeter’s “Infernal Devices” when it came out in 1987, I had no idea that his “Mad Victorian Fantasy” (as the cover put it) would spawn an entire […]

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Actually, yes, I glued some gears on it and called it Steampunk

sir reginald pikedevant glue some gears on it and call it steampunk

Sir Reginald Pikedevant wrote a song, of which you may be familiar, entitled, “Just Glue Some Gears On It And Call It Steampunk (video above).  His objective was to criticize what he saw as a cheapening of Steampunk through making it too easy, overusing the category, or taking something from outside of the Steampunk era […]

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Important Steampunk Drinking Information

Bartender is making cocktail at bar counter, toned image

“I exercise self-control and never touch any beverage stronger than gin before breakfast.” – W.C. Fields It’s time for a drink!  Or at least, it’s time to get a lovely deal on your drinks. Specifically – from now until Monday, use code “steamdrunk” to take $5 off ANY drinking event at The Steampunk World’s Fair […]

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The Five Worst Steampunk Holiday Gifts

Women astronauts in the cabin of a spaceship and gift box. Vintage comics pop art retro color illustration.

Would you like a carefully-chosen Steampunk gift which shows that someone has given a lot of thought to what will make you happy?  That’s unfortunate, because instead, we’ve come to give you… The Five Worst Steampunk Gifts  #5.  A device which converts any fully-functional smartphone into a broken telegraph.  Telegraphs are AWESOME.  I would, however, be […]

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When You Took Over Steampunk

Running around The Steampunk World's Fair - by Babs Who Takes Pictures

“With ideas it is like with dizzy heights you climb: At first they cause you discomfort and you are anxious to get down, distrustful of your own powers; but soon the remoteness of the turmoil of life and the inspiring influence of the altitude calm your blood; your step gets firm and sure and you […]

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How To Be A Steampunk

A little Steampunk cartoon fellow

I will, as I often do let you in on the secret: while I know lots of people who worried they “wouldn’t get Steampunk right” or “wouldn’t be Steampunk enough”, the truth is, if you appreciate or do Steampunk things, you are a Steampunk. Ta-da! That’s it – that’s really it; that is the thing, […]

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Is Steampunk a literary genre?

Old key lying on antique books with locks

When you ask “What is Steampunk?”, there are still a number of people who give the answer that it’s a literary genre.  (A disproportionate number of those people are Steampunk authors; indeed, the classic, deeply flawed statement “Steampunk is Victorian Science Fiction” came from a Victorian Science Fiction author; it’s not exactly an unbiased source.) […]

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From The Steampunk Cookbook: Steak On A Stake

huge beef steak cooked on the barbeque fireplace with flame

Steak on a Stake “Would you kindly hand me a large hunk of meat which has been, for no apparently logical reason, impaled upon a mid-sized stick?” -Robot Queen Victoria We Steampunks would never, ever steal ideas from Renaissance Faires…just like Renaissance Faires would never, ever do completely inauthentic things and then claim, with a […]

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Steampunk costuming versus Steampunk clothing

A woman smiling and wearing Steampunk goggles

Is Steampunk clothing a costume?  YES! My question for you is: What ISN’T a costume? Because when I wore a suit to work, I thought of it as a costume. That’s not because I thought wearing a suit made me into some sort of fake person or movie-style corporate drone; I like wearing suits.  But […]

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Steampunk Popcorn (from The Steampunk Cookbook)

A bowl of popcorn!

Parmesan-Herb Popcorn: A lovely semi-traditional Steampunk food (from our upcoming Steampunk Cookbook!) Like Popcorn?  Like making your culinary life more interesting in unexpectedly delightful ways?  Then allow us to present you with some Steampunk Popcorn! You may not know this, but the Victorians often ate popcorn for breakfast. This becomes a little less unusual to […]

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Why isn’t Steampunk dead?

Photos © 2010 - 2017 Babette Daniels Photography // Babs Who Takes Pictures Portfolio Site - Facebook Page - Instagram - 500PX - Model Mayhem - Visit the High Res Gallery to view the image or purchase a copy of your own at Need your image removed? Send a message to with a link to the offending image.

“Disco is NOT dead! Disco is LIFE!” -Eddie Izzard, “Mystery Men” I think Disco is conclusively dead; like pet rocks, troll dolls, and bell bottoms, it’s not that they’ve  vanished completely from the globe; you’re just not likely to run into them often, and if you do, it’s an unexpected bit of nostalgia. I think […]

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Can you Steampunk EVERYTHING?

The Steampunk TARDIS at The Steampunk World's Fair - photo by Babs Who Takes Pictures.

Steampunk /stēmˌpəNGk/, verb: To seriously annoy grammarians by verbing the word “Steampunk” to mean “Make something Steampunk”; example: “Is it safe to Steampunk a velociraptor, and if so, why would you do so, and why do you have a velociraptor, anyway?”* Is it possible to Steampunk EVERYTHING?  I think it might be.  I mean, we’ve Steampunked […]

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Steampunk Small Business Saturday

Love Steampunk? Support it!

Love Steampunk?  Want to see it grow and thrive?  Do a simple thing for it: buy Steampunk today. I don’t mean that I’m asking you to buy any of my stuff.  I mean that there’s one thing that powers any movement, any culture, any genre: the hardworking people who create its items, its clothing, its […]

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A Thanksgiving Welcome From Your Real Family

It's a Thanksgiving feast!

I am a misfit born of misfits. And I don’t speak for all misfits…but I offer this Thanksgiving blessing to all who need it – To those whose families love but do not respect them: May you be able to return that love, but may your loving heart stop seeking an acceptance that is deserved, […]

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Top 7 Reasons Steampunk Thanksgivings Are Lovely

Flying a dinner tray and UFO, pop art retro vector illustration. Delicious food. Science fiction

#7.  If you don’t like this year’s Thanksgiving, you can always time travel to next year’s. #6.  You can be thankful that it’s impossible to see through your goggles, so no-one can tell if you’ve hit a food coma and fallen asleep. #5.  If the holiday dinner is excellent, you can store some of it […]

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What is Steampunk? – Part I

Steam punk style. Three Steampunks in the midst of their peculiar business.

I get asked “What is Steampunk?” just about every day. Rather than just laying down our own opinions as supposed Experts, I like bringing the question to our friends and attendees. Here’s what some of them said, last time we asked. “Fun, being yourself and living in your own sci-fi world with a touch of […]

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The Steampunk Cookbook: Candied Lemon

It is, of course, a Steampunk lemon.

Here’s another recipe from our upcoming Steampunk Cookbook! Energy Source: Candied Lemon “You had me at ‘candied’.” -Professor Higglesworth This is one of our great secrets, and we’re only sharing it with you because we love you.  Also because we appreciate that you read our blog! Candied lemon: it’s cheaper than energy drinks, it’s healthier, […]

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Steampunk: The Perpetual Motion Machine

Peculiar Steampunk machine

“Perpetual motion is motion of bodies that continues indefinitely. A perpetual motion machine is a hypothetical machine that can do work indefinitely without an energy source. This kind of machine is impossible, as it would violate the first or second law of thermodynamics.” -Wikipedia I will admit that I am not a physicist; indeed, all […]

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Our Steampunk cookbook is in process!

Food, glorious Steampunk food!

Do you love food? Do you love Steampunk? You’re in the right place! Here’s one of the recipes from our upcoming Steampunk Cookbook! Tybaris: A brilliantly obscure ancient Roman recipe, loved by Victorians The Victorians shared so many things with the ancient Romans: A love of new technology, a desire to conquer the world, and […]

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