So there are lots of descriptions of Steampunk out there, and lots of people trying to describe it in various ways.

We’re going to say this:

For us, Steampunk is “a bunch of stuff people do that’s vaguely inspired inspired by mad science in a world that bears some sort of resemblance to the Victorian era.”

At The Steampunk World’s Fair, you are welcome to wear whatever you want (as long as it won’t get you arrested for indecent exposure).

You can wear jeans; you can wear punk rock clothing; you can wear a nice suit; you can wear a tutu; you can wear a nice punk rock suit with a tutu, for all we care – as long as you’re happy, go with it!

But for people who would like to wear “something Steampunk”, well…if you’d like to wear Steampunk clothing, and have Steampunk things, and you currently possess neither, there are generally three courses of action:

  1.  You can make them!  If you’re a crafty person, a quick search for “make Steampunk __” will turn up many things you can make.
  2. You can buy them from many, many fine vendors!  In fact, we list many fine vendors on this site. 🙂
  3. If, like me, you have neither money, nor time and/or skill for crafting, do this:
    •  Go to a thrift store.
    • Pick up long coats and/or long skirts, vests, fancy looking hats (it’s amazing how cheaply you can get fancy looking hats); while Steampunk certainly doesn’t have to be British, if you’re in America, anything vaguely British will generally do; and if all else should fail, any clothing that might make you look like Willy Wonka, Johnny Depp as anything English other than a pirate; Johnny Depp as a pirate (it won’t be Steampunk, but who cares?  You’re CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW!); anything Goths would wear; anything Visigoths would wear; or anything at all as long as you’ve got a pair of goggles.
    • Wear them, and if anyone tells you it’s not Steampunk, just smile, and say, “Well, Jeff Mach said I could wear it, and he owns this show.  And he’s just wearing a t-shirt, anyway.”

There’s no right way to do Steampunk.  There’s no wrong way to do Steampunk.  It’s like eating a Reese’s, only with more gears.