Steampunk Small Business Saturday

Love Steampunk? Support it!

Love Steampunk?  Want to see it grow and thrive?  Do a simple thing for it: buy Steampunk today.

I don’t mean that I’m asking you to buy any of my stuff.  I mean that there’s one thing that powers any movement, any culture, any genre: the hardworking people who create its items, its clothing, its music, its games, its events, its shows.

Do a simple thing for them today: Help them make a living.

Join their Patreons, if you like that model.  Support a Kickstarter you like.  Don’t have money?  Share something you enjoy on social media.  You don’t have to be any kind of salesperson; you can just say, “Hey, I like this; who else likes it?”  You don’t have to be wealthy; you probably can’t spend $50,000…but your $5 can go really far.

It’s a small, simple thing, and we don’t always think about it.  But you are the ones who make dreams real.  Your support – be it word of mouth, financial, or simply sharing your own joy – are the things that make Steampunk work.

If you’re going to buy things today, consider buying some Steampunk things.  It’s that simple.  It’s that profound.  I guarantee: No matter how big or small your contribution, your support will make somebody’s day.  Because that’s how Steampunk works – we support each other, and we fill each other’s hearts with joy.  Sometimes it’s a word, sometimes it’s a buck.  Whatever it is, it’s meaningful.

I’m writing this on Small Business Saturday, but it applies to every day.  Want to see Steampunk grow?  You don’t have to just sit and wait.  You can make it happen.

much love,

Jeff Mach

Jeff Mach Events

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