The Steampunk World’s Fair was featured in The Syfy Channel’s Syfywire: 11 Unconventional Conventions You Have To Geek Out At by Elizabeth Rayne:

03 – The Steampunk World’s Fair

Travel back to a time warp of Victorian anachronisms and let the gears of your imagination turn in a neo-Victorian world straight out of the pages of Jules Verne. If you like the whole RenFaire idea but it makes you feel like you’re stuck in the wrong era, then you might belong at the historically inaccurate and fantastically splendid Steampunk World’s Fair.

Steampunk imagines a past that clank-booms into the future with steam-powered gadgetry from mechanical wings to all sorts of contraptions you never dreamed could be made of metal tubing and dismantled clocks. There is an otherworldly feeling to the Goblin Market of guests and vendors who range from the fire dancers and aerialists of the KarnEvil sideshow to the guy who designed Nathan Filion’s legendary steampunk arm from Castle. VIP Luminary guests can even attend Cogsday festivities, because the discovery of the Antikythera Mechanism aka the first cog ever is the holiest day of the year to the gear-obsessed.