teapotracingTeapot Racing is a great new sport started by our New Zealand Steampunk friends to celebrate teatime.
One takes a favorite teapot, adds a radio controlled chassis, and then runs it through a prescribed course of candlesticks, fine china, and of course, the Ramp of Doom. Mayhem then ensues.

The Beginning
Saturday, 11:00AM – Noon, Boardroom C
This session will be an hour long panel of the organizers describing the origins of teapot racing and discussing the racer, the rules and the course which are the instigators of all the fun in elimination and the joy of triumph.
Never has anyone had such fun losing a race! There will be a presentation of all the racers and their owners.

Off To The Races!
Sunday, 9:00AM – 10:00AM, Radisson Courtyard Patio
This will be a two step race. First there will be the elimination round and then the top 5 racers will compete for the final prize.

Drag Races
Sunday, 10:00AM – 11:00AM, Radisson Courtyard Patio
A open to anyone, free-for-all drag race!