speakeasyThey are not long, the days of wine and roses. Out of a misty dream, our path emerges for a while, then closes, within a dream.
Ernest Dowson, The Poems and Prose of Ernest Dowson

Time for another teaser into what might (or might not) be going on during the late night of our Fair. We’re getting reports that some of the local flavor is lookin’ to scratch that gamblin’ itch. So the powers that be have said they are gonna have themselves a bare knuckles boxing tournament.

That’s right. A SPWF Speakeasy first. A bareknuckles boxing tournament!

What’s that mean?

Well, we got ourselves four of the roughest toughest men about town that you can get your mits on, and we’re gonna let them punch each other until they fall.

We have ourselves The Drunken Engineer, Eric Corvis. You might have seen him hangin’ around your watering hole. Now, I’m not sayin that this guy likes his spirits, but he’s about halfway to bein a ghostbuster. I heard that lately he’s been chasing that green fairy too. No wonder his inventions are all gettin a little wacky.

Coming from the woods behind your house, we found Kyle the Beast. I don’t even know if this guy counts as human at this point. Kills with his hands. Eats what he kills. Well, we’ll see if we can shave him down enough to make him look respectable, but I’m not makin’ any promises.

I just got word that one of the tonics salesmen will be showin up too. They call him ‘Snake Oil’ Nicholas Kaye, if you can believe that. He seems a bit shifty, but he cleared my mudda’s rheumatism last fall. She died last winter. …It’s probably not related.

And last, but not least, you’ve seen his work on the walls of the local hunting lodge, Big Game Hunter, Michael Massacre. This kid’s been racking up the wins at some of the other pit fighting establishments that aren’t so savory… but we ain’t gonna hold that against him.

So do you need any more reason to find your way to the SPWF Speakeasy? Nah.. I didn’t think so.


You hear that the Speakeasy is under new management? Yeah, you see the last guy woke up with a pocket full of rocks… but I’m not sayin’ nothin you haven’t heard, right? Anyways, the new guy says his hoppin’ gin joint is gonna be up and running by the World’s Fair. Says opening night all the drinks are on the house and he’s got all sortsa stuff goin on. Bare-knuckle boxing, some of them burlesque dames, a hotty tot singin her lungs out, and a couple of bands to keep the party goin all night long.

Look, I don’t like to spread rumors, but the new guy is bein’ pretty loud about all this.. I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple pug noses or flat tops decide that their first night open should be their last night. It’s the kinda dangerous joint that you can guarantee I’ll be drinkin’ at until they gotta carry me away. Two hours of drink, dames, and dancin? I don’t care if an airship crashes into the middle of the dance floor, as long as they don’t spill my drink.

Photo: Strettography Studios

Photo: Strettography Studios

We heard word on the vine that the new Speakeasy got themselves a songstress with a set of pipes on her that will knock you back and raise you from the dead. I’m tellin ya, pipes like an angel and the looks to match, va-va-vavoom! So when you get in, get yourself a cocktail, and are wonderin’ who the dame is on stage.. now you know, it’s Melodie Morceau… a name you surely ain’ gonna forget.

Check out her credentials…

Melodie Morceau – That sultry siren you’ve seen around with the New Jersey burlesquers. She is “The Chanteuse” of Smoke & Mirrors Peepshow, and has also been a featured vocalist at Le Vaudeville Noir. Vivacious, refined, and always classy, this songstress will keep you captivated with the stories in her tunes.

You ain’t got the password?

Well I’ll sell it to ya for 30 clams… lets call that the “Ticket Price” just to keep things on the up and up.

The Speakeasy is Saturday Night: 10pm – 2am
The beginning of the speakeasy will overlap the SPG concert, but will go on long after that concert is over – so don’t deny yourself an extra good time!


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