Shoestring Scientists is a group of hobbyist makers and creators with a diverse skillset who enjoy building and teaching others how to get started with their own projects. Shoestring Scientists focuses on hands-on building to teach people that it’s okay to experiment, have fun, and get their hands dirty.


Don’t miss our many shows, which this year includes:


Make Your Own Steampunk Book Page Wall Art

Ever wanted a piece of amazing 3D art that you could hang on your wall? Want no longer! In this workshop, you will build a piece of 3D wall art from book pages that you get to take with you, and learn how to make your own at home so you can do it again and again and get creative using your own materials!

Let’s Make Tiny Hats!

People love workshops! And they love learning how to make things, and be crafty on a budget. This 2 hour workshop will walk attendees through using a simple pattern to cut out and assemble a tiny hat, and then decorating it with a variety of materials.

Build Your Own Steampunk Ray Gun

The fantastic will come to life in this unique workshop. Join Steampunk enthusiasts, cosplayers, creative tinkerers, and possibly a mad scientist or two as you learn how to make the ordinary extraordinary. With a few basic tools and a box of spare parts, you will assemble your very own ray gun that is yours to keep! This workshop is suitable for all age groups and skill levels, and can be enjoyed solo or cooperatively.