Steampunk and Fashionable Death: Victorian Mourning and Funerary Arts

With D’arcy Austen FRS

Did you know that the dark Victorian Gothic style we all know and love started because of a “birds and bees” talk in a rainstorm?

Your mother-in-law just died. How long until you can wear purple to parties again? 
Is that creepy picture in Grandma’s attic really a dead guy?
There are many misunderstandings, urban legends, and plain misinformation about the Victorians and their relationship with death and dying. D’Arcy Coffin Austen, FRS has been studying thanatology and taphophilia for more than 20 years, and brings her knowledge of formal mourning customs, memento mori, postmortem photography and Gothic cemeteries to Steampunk World’s Fair for the first time. Topics include proper mourning periods, graveyard symbolism, and common misconceptions about death in La Belle Epoch. 
Due to the subject matter, this class may be inappropriate for small children, parental discretion is advised.