You’ve written your book, either fiction or nonfiction, and you want people to see it. Is it better to depend on the ever-shrinking print publishing industry, or should you strike out on your own? And if you do decide on publishing it yourself, what next? Most writers just want to write. That’s it — and in the old days, it was enough. But if you self-publish, you now are responsible for your own editing, book and cover design, and marketing. What does it take? And do you want to do it?

Geri Jeter will walk you through your new responsibilities as a writer/publisher. Come on… It will be fun…

Ex-dancer and NASCAR fan Geri Jeter is an editor, writer, and graduate gemologist. These days, she copyedits for various corporate clients and tell’s about her family’s adventures in Ecuador and other travel good times on her blog. Geri has contributed dance articles and book reviews for the California Literary Review and wrote for the Las Vegas Weekly news magazine on dance, theater, community issues, classical music/opera, and food and drink. She also was the editor and chief writer for Las Vegas La Voce News Magazine, an Italian-American lifestyle monthly, and Spectra, the quarterly magazine for the American Gem Society.
Geri has been a freelance copy editor for over 15 years. Oh, and she’s married to K. W. Jeter.