Fell down the rabbit hole of Steampunk and decided that she didn’t want to come back cause it was too fun! Started with her own unique brand of Steampunk accessories and jewelry.

Now owner of BelleMages Etsy store and author of the upcoming alternate history series Carver Chronicles.


Don’t miss her many shows, which this year includes:


A Little Vintage to Steampunk the Day

A interactive panel/workshop on little touches for the casual steampunk fan such as vintage switch plates and greeting cards that are surprisingly very easy to do. Don’t believe? Check out this panel!


So You Want to Change the Past?

For that alternate history story stuck in your head that you just have to get on paper. Here are all the tips, tricks and pitfalls to writing alternate history.

Steampunk Gun 101

Want to make awesome guns but don’t know where to start. This panel offers tips tricks on the materials, moding toy guns, treatment, painting and everything else.

Props for the Novice

Beginners guide to building steampunk props from items readily available.