quickdrawReturning for a second year at the Steampunk Worlds Fair is the nerf-style single action pistol quickdraw competition. Competitors will face off 1 on 1 in a single elimination battle to the death (also known as 3 hits to the torso or head with a nerf-style dart). Nerf-style pistols with single action (i.e. cock to fire) may be used. No electric, fly-wheel or clip systems allowed. Guns must be holstered or otherwise affixed to the body prior to the command of “draw.” Maximum of 20 darts in no more than 3 guns per competitor. In the event of neither competitor achieving the number of needed hits, a bystander can throw a single dart to either competitor, in which case a sudden death round is started and only one hit is needed to win. In the event that all rounds are exhausted and neither competitor has eliminated the other, both competitors will be gunned down, as this competition is not for amateurs.