Steam Bot Unity

We are a group of young, dedicated pantomime artists who love the steampunk aesthetic and making ourselves look and act like old robots.

We joined as a group last year, performing under a tree and singing steampunk inspired music.

We hope you stop by and watch us!

Gypsy Funk Squad

Gypsy Funk Squad plays a fusion of classic belly dance songs from Turkey, Armenia, Egypt, the Balkans, Israel, and Lebanon, with revamped rock/pop/dance tunes and original psychedelic surprises thrown in…belly style!

We almost always have a belly dancer or two performing with us! The emphasis is on fun and a dancing good time!

Three Pints Shy

Founded in 2003, THREE PINTS SHY has become a raucous pub band, updating and reinvigorating the Celtic music so beloved all around the world.  Stemming from the traditions of Tommy Makem and The Clancy Brothers, THREE PINTS SHY first appeared at the New York Renaissance Festival in Tuxedo, NY.  Our group members are David Anthony, Jonathan Siregar, Robbie Taylor and David Mikofsky.

Mark P. Donnelly

Professor Mark P. Donnelly (S.S.S./ E.A.A./ B.F.H.S./ S.W.A.S.H.) has been studying armed combat in various incarnations since the age of thirteen.  After years of research and training in the disparate disciplines of western martial arts, sport fencing, stage combat, tournament fighting and eastern martial disciplines, he moved from the US to England in 1996 to undertake a PhD in Medieval Archaeology through York and Oxford Universities.

Professor Donnelly is the host of the Steampunk Social along with several other events this year.

Swordplay Workshop is a combination of “Writing Swordfights” and “Swordplay for Writers“.

Writing Swordfights:
Lots of writers, it seems, want to include sword-fights in their stories. Rather fewer actually manage to include anything which is remotely exciting. If you’re a writer looking for inspiration, I will try to draw together some examples of what works and what doesn’t. If you’re a literature student, this will probably be more for amusement than anything else.

I’ve certainly never seen an examination essay entitled: “Discuss the sword fights in Chrétien de Troyes…

Given that an awful lot of films (and not merely a lot of awful films) feature a sword fight as the climax, it may seem surprising that novels have not taken the same course. That is, until you actually try to write a sword-fight. That’s the point where you realise that what works on stage, or on film, is rather more difficult on paper.

This talk is about how swords work. About the forces that govern the shape and use of a sword, and – most importantly to you – how that relates to your story, and how that can be used to assist in your drama.

Swordplay for Writers:
This talk is about how swords work. About the forces that govern the shape and use of a sword, and – most importantly to you – how that relates to your story, and how that can be used to assist in your drama.

Kicking Ass in a Kilt
Scottish Backsword and dirk – the use and variation of the sword of George Silver (1590s), the Roundheads of the English Civil War (1640’s) and the Jacobites of Culloden (1745). This session is an interactive workshop.

Depending on the setting, the students/participants may be expected to bring their own equipment, though equipment for about 30 can be provided by Professor Donnelly. All gendered people in kilts, skirts, and dresses welcome!

Steambones Workshop

Participants will be given a basic kit revolving around steampunk parts, gears, bones, a mink skull, and other decorative Victorian inspired flourish. The goal being everyone leaves having created a unique steampunk reliquary that can be worn as a broach, necklace, or magnet. With possibilities and add-ons a plenty!

This workshop will involve the use of mink skulls embellished with clock parts and gears. Steampunk reliquaries made from pocket watch skeletons, skulls, gears, and bones. Design kits available as a broach, magnet, or pendant. Kits set up with everything each person needs and will have add ons for a minimal fee.

This class is limited to 30 people and costs $20 per person. Please use this form to sign up and ensure a spot.

Bent Nail Studio is a cutting edge company devoted to sculpture of all kinds with styles ranging from Steampunk/Dieselpunk, Dada, Sci-Fi fantasy, organic vs. industrial, figurative toys and characters, and other recycled media.