Friday, May 16th - Sunday, May 18th, 2014
Piscataway, NJ

Grandmaster Baron Munchausen Competition


Wikipedia tells us, “Hieronymus Carl Friedrich Baron von Münchhausen was a German nobleman and a famous recounter of tall tales. He joined the Russian military and took part in two campaigns against the Ottoman Turks. Upon returning home, Münchhausen is said to have told a number of outrageously farfetched stories about his adventures…Münchhausen’s reputation as a storyteller has been exaggerated by writers, giving birth to a fully fictionalized literary character usually called simply Baron Munchausen.”

Munchausen is a beautifully-crafted storytelling game which provides a surprisingly sturdy framework for the creation of incredibly tall tales. We take some of our most talented wordcrafters, talespinners, exaggerators, and other fabricators, thrust them together into a burning cage, toss in a few sabretooth tigers, and, eventually, we let the wittiest speakers leave.

We are, of course, lying. We wouldn’t treat sabretooth tigers that way.

[Baron Munchausen image by Varla Art.]

Galia’s Slightly Perilous Children’s Wonderland

galia - space girl

“Don’t eat the food that is sitting on your plate
But smear it in your ear and smush it in your face,
Mash you mashed potatoes and stuff ‘em down your pants,
Wiggle ‘em around a bit and do a little dance.”
-Barry Louis Polisar

We have all manner of arts and crafts and games and neat things for kids to do, and a children’s concert, and lots and lots of fun! And we promise not to be a terrible influence on your children. Probably!

Fit and Finish: Getting Professional Fit From A Commercial Pattern

Susan Spencer 2

This how-to lecture-demo focuses on altering commercial patterns so that they fit real people and accommodate those figure challenges that we all face. Many excellent books on the subject were written in the 1950s and 1960s, when home sewn garments were far more common than they are nowadays, and the techniques suggested by these sewing mavens have not diminished in their usefulness over the last fifty years. Fascinatingly, they apply equally well to all manner of garments and sewing. Let us clue you in to some of the best secrets around for achieving a truly professional look and fit in a garment that you’ve created yourself. Powerpoint and flip chart required (we can provide the flip chart if need be).

Finicky Bits: Lost Arts Explained

Susan Spencer 1

This entertaining presentation grew out of our collection of truly odd — but useful — bits of information, many gleaned from research done while trying to complete our own widely varied projects. It covers such lost arts as how to clean and curl feathers, attach trims to hats, attach beads to garments, finish the inside of a garment so it’s ravel-proof without a serger (and looks as good as the outside of a garment!), make fabrics stand up in places that they really don’t want to, and a host of other odd and eccentric little skills that are critical for giving your outfits and accessories a professional finish.

Clockwork Quilling

Susan Spencer 1

Paper quilling, the art of rolling paper strips into elaborate designs, was a popular pastime of Victorian women. Learn how to use this fashionable alternative to embroidery to ornament steampunk creations from hair accessories to armor to role-playing miniatures. This hands-on workshop will cover the history and basics of paper quilling as well as throw in some decidedly quirky twists. Workshop presenter Angelina Schiano is a registered member of the North American Quilling Guild and has been a practicing quiller for over four years.