nightwatchparadoxMagnificent Machines and Astonishing Tales
Night Watch Paradox presents their interactive steampunk rock opera; “Magnificent Machines and Astonishing Tales.” Join with the heroic crew of a steam-powered airship as they leave port in Baltimore, traveling through space and time. During their journey, the crew sing songs, encounters fictional characters including wenches, drunkards, rioters, the Queen of England and pirates. Baltimore Landmarks figure predominantly as songs such as “Ode to BROMO-SELTZER” and “The Admiral Fell” illustrate. Baltimore history plays a role as the crew gets caught up during the Mobtown Riots of 1863 and ultimately help to defeat the British during the Battle of Baltimore in the War of 1812.

With an eclectic instrumental line-up, Night Watch Paradox merges musical styles of rock, jazz, Appalachian, sea shanties, Klezmer and cabaret. The musical equivalent of reading “Treasure Island,” they bring the audience along on a participatory journey of musical performance and storytelling as they travel in their imaginary, steam-powered airship.