How To Make An Excellent Steampunk Tea Party

baby guinea pig in a teacup.It’s odd, but tea parties often work better informally or at home than at events.

And this is, perhaps, because of our expectations for what happens at a convention or festival.

We expect a Steampunk event to be magical–and rightly so; if it doesn’t create that sense of wonder, it’s wasted an opportunity.  Bringing multiple creative Steampunks together in one place is a recipe for joy.

But we also face the weight of a great deal of culture.   How many depictions of the divine madness of Alice In Wonderland’s tea party can one see and still have a realistic expectation of what can actually happen?  How often do we watch lavish tea parties in film and media and expect that, somehow, we’ll duplicate the fantasy depictions of the soirées of wealthy fictional characters?  Unless you ARE wealthy, and live in the 19th century, and have many servants and no dietary concerns, you probably won’t quite live up to that standard.

So let me give you this secret.  It’s a simple recipe:

  • Gather about you friends, warm people, Steampunk or otherwise, with a sense of wonder and adventure.
  • Come prepared to enjoy what you have, be it fancy food or crackers.
  • Be lovely to each other
  • Make sure you have tea
  • Enjoy!

This thought and recipe brought to you by Jeff Mach of Jeff Mach Events.  If you like it, do us just one favor—share it!

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