The Mad Hattress Aerials Extravaganza

Azkadelia & Her Minions are back with more fun and nonsense planned than ever! With 16 feet of height and just silky fabric to keep her up you’ll never know what could happen!

Come join in and watch as The Mad Hattress takes to the sky, you might even see a flying squirrel and more!!

Also check out her awesome Aerial Demo Classes to give it a try yourself!

All shows in the Radisson Courtyard


This could be you! (With looooooots of classes and practice. Start now with Azkadelia at SPWF!)


Mad Hatter Aerial Demo Classes

Ever wanted to try what The Mad Hattress does, or maybe you want to try something new?
Maybe it’s a friends birthday and you don’t know what to get them while at SPWF?!?
Whatever the reason why not try a Aerial Demo Class with the Mad Hattress herself.

Demos will be 30 minutes in length and are 100% interactive. Participants must be 18 or over, or 16 and over with parental supervision. Please wear comfy yoga like clothes you are comfortable going upside down in.
Class with take place at ground level but we will play with some basic skills in the fabric and of course some spinning about and flipping upside down.

Space is limited so reserve your spot at [email protected] 
Cost is $20 per participant. CASH only.

All shows in the Radisson Courtyard