legalsteampunkLEARN TO NAVIGATE THE LUMINIFEROUS AETHER THAT IS THE LAW: A Crash Course in Copyrights, Trademarks, Rights of Publicity, and other Pernicious Legal Issues for Artists

Perhaps you’ve written a SteamPunk novel or comic book and are now ready to meet with publishers, or maybe you’ve taken photographs of conventioneers in cosplay and want to make merchandise from your pictures. How do you protect your creative work? What are the limits of such legal protection? What kind of permissions do you need? What kind of rights should you keep? In this presentation, we will explore legal topics critical to creators such as the protection of ideas; copyrights and “copy wrongs”; work for hire agreements and model releases; and a multitude of unseen legal traps waiting to ensnare the unsuspecting artist.

Don’t let the icy waters of the law extinguish the Promethean spark of your creation! Join entertainment attorney and law professor Thomas A. Crowell, Esq. in a one-hour quest to demystify those shadowy areas of copyright and contract law that most impact creators.