Galia’s Slightly Perilous Children’s Wonderland

childrenstrackA Steampunk Programming Track for Kids

Children’s Programming returns to The Steampunk World’s Fair in 2016 under the slightly wacky guidance of our own fabulous Galia!


5pm-6pm Young Folks’ Tea Party and Acoustic Concert
Come practice your best tea party manners with a picnic on the lawn. We’ll have tea, cookies, and live music entertainment!

7pm-8pm Story-Building Games
Roll dice, count tokens, and take your characters on a wild and exciting ride!

8pm-9pm Spooky Stories and S’mores
Toast marshmallows and get thoroughly creeped out by listening to scary stories. Stuffed animals welcome (though they may get sticky).


10am-11am Dirigible Safety Test
Oh no! Your dirigible has gone wildly out of control, and is heading towards the ground! Will the passengers survive?
Using a variety of materials provided, make a safe container to hold a raw egg to protect it as we drop it from a great height!

11pm-12pm Mischief Making Class
Here is your opportunity to cause trouble! We will misdirect, fool, and otherwise prank the rest of the world’s fair! Join us as we trick passers-by, post confusing signs around the hotel, and generally cause a kerfuffle.

12pm-1pm Jewelry Making
Come make beautiful steampunk jewelry to compliment your costumes, or to wear out in the real world for a touch of the lovely, yet strange.

1pm-2:45pm Device Creation
Device creation is back! Come and turn a variety of tiny doodads, gizmos, and gadgets into a robot, raygun, or electromagnoshielderizer. Please bring a parent or other adult.

3pm-4pm Capture the Flag
Run! Chase! Capture! Burn off some afternoon energy by dashing across the courtyard in hot pursuit of your opponent, or victoriously snatch the enemy’s flag!

4pm-6pm Kids’ Scavenger Hunt
Show up at 4pm to get your hunt list, and run throughout the hotel, taking photographs to try and win a spectacular prize! Check in/scoring begins at 5:30.

5pm-8pm Adults’ Scavenger Hunt
Show up at 5pm to get your hunt list, and run throughout the hotel, taking photographs to try and win a spectacular prize! Check in/scoring begins at 7:30. Your hunt will be more difficult than the Kid’s Scavenger Hunt, so put on your scavenging hats!

7pm-8pm –Steampunk Portraits
Join us to design your steampunk character and draw them.


9am-11am Book Purse Making
Turn a hardcover book into a beautiful purse. We have limited supplies, so preference will be given to those who have not done this project with us in previous years.Please bring a parent or other adult.

12pm-1pm Household Science
What do you have in your house that can go BOOM, SQUISH, or SPLAT? Come find out what everyday objects you can use to get a real reaction!

2pm-3pm – Jewelry/Treasure Box Making
Decorate a small box to store all of your beautiful jewelry or cunning treasures.

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