childrenstrackA Steampunk Programming Track for Kids

Children’s Programming returns to The Steampunk World’s Fair in 2016 under the slightly wacky guidance of our own fabulous Galia!


5pm-6pm Young Folks’ Tea Party and Acoustic Concert
Come practice your best tea party manners with a picnic on the lawn. We’ll have tea, cookies, and live music entertainment!

7pm-8pm Story-Building Games
Roll dice, count tokens, and take your characters on a wild and exciting ride!

8pm-9pm Spooky Stories and S’mores
Toast marshmallows and get thoroughly creeped out by listening to scary stories. Stuffed animals welcome (though they may get sticky).


10am-11am Dirigible Safety Test
Oh no! Your dirigible has gone wildly out of control, and is heading towards the ground! Will the passengers survive?
Using a variety of materials provided, make a safe container to hold a raw egg to protect it as we drop it from a great height!

11pm-12pm Mischief Making Class
Here is your opportunity to cause trouble! We will misdirect, fool, and otherwise prank the rest of the world’s fair! Join us as we trick passers-by, post confusing signs around the hotel, and generally cause a kerfuffle.

12pm-1pm Jewelry Making
Come make beautiful steampunk jewelry to compliment your costumes, or to wear out in the real world for a touch of the lovely, yet strange.

1pm-2:45pm Device Creation
Device creation is back! Come and turn a variety of tiny doodads, gizmos, and gadgets into a robot, raygun, or electromagnoshielderizer. Please bring a parent or other adult.

3pm-4pm Capture the Flag
Run! Chase! Capture! Burn off some afternoon energy by dashing across the courtyard in hot pursuit of your opponent, or victoriously snatch the enemy’s flag!

4pm-6pm Kids’ Scavenger Hunt
Show up at 4pm to get your hunt list, and run throughout the hotel, taking photographs to try and win a spectacular prize! Check in/scoring begins at 5:30.

5pm-8pm Adults’ Scavenger Hunt
Show up at 5pm to get your hunt list, and run throughout the hotel, taking photographs to try and win a spectacular prize! Check in/scoring begins at 7:30. Your hunt will be more difficult than the Kid’s Scavenger Hunt, so put on your scavenging hats!

7pm-8pm –Steampunk Portraits
Join us to design your steampunk character and draw them.


9am-11am Book Purse Making
Turn a hardcover book into a beautiful purse. We have limited supplies, so preference will be given to those who have not done this project with us in previous years.Please bring a parent or other adult.

12pm-1pm Household Science
What do you have in your house that can go BOOM, SQUISH, or SPLAT? Come find out what everyday objects you can use to get a real reaction!

2pm-3pm – Jewelry/Treasure Box Making
Decorate a small box to store all of your beautiful jewelry or cunning treasures.