Karianne aka Versidian is a very dedicated artist. It got her a spot on the reality TV show, “Steampunk’d” by being involved with many artistic mediums and especially her skills with leather.
She’s been a leather worker for 10 years and specializes in leather masks which has won her many awards and publishings.
She started her business, Versidian Armory in 2010 which she now Co-Owns with Ross Trumbauer.
They specialize in Leather masks, bags, purses, armor, holsters, jewelry etc.

Karianne came across Steampunk back in 2004 and has been obsessed ever since. She continues to attend as many shows, conventions, and festivals as much as possible to be a part of the community and teach classes on leather making.

Her goal is to build her very own steampunk pirate ship tiny house. With this she can permanently travel making, learning, and teaching wherever she can.

Ross Trumbauer
Ross Trumbauer has been heavily involved with the Detroit steampunk scene since 2009. He has been a model for steampunk clothing lines as well as leather steampunk armor. He has been a leather crafter for 6 years and specializes in armor, bracers and holsters.

He and his girlfriend, Karianne Gottschalk travel the States and Canada with their business, Versidian Armory making, selling, and commissioning leather goods.