Jeff Mach Himself

jeffmach_felixeddy“We take our coffee as black as it comes
We stir it like loggers, with fingers and thumbs
A heart’s not a heart, ’til it fairly hums
With coffee, and gin, and song.”
-Jeff Mach, “To The Crew”

Jeff Mach is the person behind Jeff Mach Events, which puts on several events – including this one!  He wants you to know, however, that he gained his position as a performer through hard work and merit and wearing an excellent hat.

Our Artistic Director notes: “It was mostly the hat.”

His Rock Opera “Absinthe Heroes” was one of the first Steampunk Rock Operas in history, and now it’s coming to our event! Want tickets? The cheapest way to get them is here: get your tickets on for the best seats!.

Jeff’s been a singer-songwriter for almost thirty years.  His songs are wry, darkly humorous, witty, sharp, and sometimes poignant and sad, as well.  Almost all of his songs tell various stories of Steampunk worlds – of mad scientists, of air pirates, of giant robots, and, sometimes, Steam-accountants.