Jake von Slatt is a maker, tinkerer, and all around techno dilettante living and creating just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Jake is interested in the blending of 19th century aesthetics and technology with the modern world and showcases projects of that ilk on his website. While he eschews the temptation to rigidly define the term “Steampunk,” he does know that it has something to do with the intersection of technology and romance.

The Steampunk Roadster

Steampunk World’s Fair is honored to be able to showcase the Steampunk Roadster, Jake von Slatt’s Last Steampunk Project. [see above link for more information]

In celebration of The Steampunk Workshop’s 10th anniversary, Jake von Slatt created a steam powered vehicle from a 1970s kit car. The car’s construction has been documented on such things as the PBS show Make: Television and has been featured in such things as WCVB’s Chronicle and SPACE TV’s Fanboy Confessional.


As of April 14, 2017 the Steampunk Roadster is for sale.