HVBRIS is a fun-loving band of fire freaks who entertain and amuse with wickedly creative antics. Mixing fire, vaudeville, burlesque, and sideshow; they burn bright as day with fiery talent and blazing comedy that is the one and only HVBRIS. When it’s too hot to handle, they’re just getting started!

Start your event off right with HVBRIS and delight your senses with a sensational fire show.

HVBRIS by Gaslight
HVBRIS’ uniquely themed storytelling will bring you to the heart of a bustling nightclub scene. Follow our protagonist through a fiery and fun love story incorporating all of the aspects of our shows.

HVBRIS Gets Schticky
We’re pulling out all the stops! If we can set it on fire, we’ll bring it with us! Come join us as we get into a very schticky situation!