humanwineHUMANWINE makes music that dances between raindrops, sending up green shoots between the broken cobblestones of folk, punk, mythology and open revolt. It is a soundtrack to broken rules and mutant genres, evoking a world that skips over the Age of Oil and all its cruelties, stitching together a patchwork of past and future, a do-it-yourself apocalypse that is strangely utopian.

SPWF 2k16, HUMANWINE is releasing their most recent creation, called æther – 4 albums (40 songs) inside a corked glass bottle!! The complete æther mega-ablum incudes ‘terra’, ‘aqua’, ‘ær’ & ‘ignis’ all 10 songs each.They’re also releasing c0dex: The Graphic Album Companion to go with æther – 60 pg full colour 11 x 8.5″ w/ original artwork and lyrics!! Luckily, HUMANWINE is playing 2 sets this year at SPWF – you do not want to miss this!