Friday, May 15th - Sunday, May 17th, 2015
Piscataway, NJ

Jeff Mach’s Giant Robot

Created by Thomas Willeford, Brute Force Studios.

Created by Thomas Willeford, Brute Force Studios.

We’re building a giant robot!


We officially had enough people who got our “Mad Scientist Crowdfunder” VIP tickets, and we’re making a giant robot for everyone’s enjoyment!  Come take your picture with it!  Come be part of our upcoming robot events!  Come help us try to make sure the robot likes human beings, in case “Pacific Rim” turned out to be right about the world being invaded by sea monsters


Thomas Willeford of Brute Force Studios is the builder. Head over to the Giant Robot’s facebook to track the progress of the construction!

When we first started work on the robot, our goal was to build a massive symbol of creativity, for a community which was founded on creativity. We thought that constructing a 16-foot-high, three-quarter-ton monument to the imagination would be a pretty cool thing, especially if it looked like it could basically conquer the world if it decided to move.

And that was, in fact, pretty cool. But now we’ve got a chance to do something which matters much, much more.

A great author and a great friend is battling cancer. CJ Henderson is the author and editor of dozens of books on all manner of science fiction, Lovecraftian horror, noir, science fiction, fantasy, and other genres of speculative vision. He’s known both for his erudition and eloquence, and for his humor, his kindness, his gentle good spirit, and his ability to poke fun at himself – if you’ve ever walked up to him while he was displaying his books, you’ve probably seen him pat his belly and call out, “Welcome to the big fat wonderful world of me!”

We were going to have a naming contest for the robot. We were going to raise funds to give the robot more features and so on. But instead:


We’d like to introduce you to CJ: a literal colossus of dedication to helping a friend in need. We’re going to share CJ with any event which wants to host him. Whenever he’s at an event, ours or another’s, the robot will collect money for CJ’s recovery, his family, and his medical bills.

We’ve heard people say that fandom does amazing things, and Steampunk does amazing things, and we should put that weight behind causes which really matter. This is a cause which really matters – and we’d like to add 1600 pounds of giant robot to it.

Follow this page – next week, we’ll be announcing the official Robot fundraiser re-launch. We just want to work out the financial details with the Hendersons first.

Our thanks to our robot sponsor, April Tos of Corvus Creations.  Be sure to visit her booth at this year’s World’s Fair!

The Giant Robot has a theme song, written by A Halo Called Fred! Hear it’s premier at the Fair! Music and lyrics here: