Friday, May 15th - Sunday, May 17th, 2015
Piscataway, NJ

Frenchy and the Punk

New York-based Euro-American duo Frenchy and the Punk have performed all
across the US, and in England, France, Germany and Canada. They’re one of
the top-reviewed live acts in the underground cabaret scene today and they
have been fan favorites at every major steampunk convention and faerie
festival in the US. In 2011 Yahoo Music listed French-born singer and
percussionist, Samantha Stephenson, as one of “25 Women To Watch” in music
and guitarist Scott Helland is listed in the Encyclopedia of Punk with his
legendary first band Deep Wound.

Fusing foot-stompin’ bohemian cabaret, world music, French chanson and
`80′s punk with steampunk flair, vaudeville charm and pixie spirit, the
duo’s performances are a high energy theatrical spectacle. They captivate
crowds by seamlessly blending raucous, danceable old-world melodies with
cheeky stories sung in English and French and exhilarating Taiko meets
Blue Man Group drum and percussion instrumentals.

Stephenson, a performer since her early teens, beams with charisma and
seduces in her sultry neo-vintage cabaret vocal style; think Siouxsie
Sioux meets Karen O meets Edith Piaf. Helland, an Amercian-born guitarist
and punk veteran, creates a wall of sound with his rhythmic live-looping
guitar prowess and catchy melodic lines; think Johnny Ramone meets Django
Reinhardt meets Eugene Hutz. Together this spirited duo manage to create
the sonic expanse and richness of a full band while still retaining the
charm of a vaudeville duo. Visit them at: