Dr. Hyde’s bedtime story: A Halloween vignette

Dedicated to Halloween In The Catskills

“You claim that Hyde is a beast; but all men are both angel and animal. ”

-Robert Lewis Stevenson, “The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

I promise: I am not the monster in your closet.
I am not the horrible thing under your bed.
I am not the ghost infecting your phone.
I am not the shadows on the wall of your room.
I am not the cold face watching you from the moon.
I am not the presence you sense in the darkness.
I am not the one who pressed half the breath out of you while you slept.

I am not any of those things because they do not exist.

They do not exist because I ate them all.

And gained everything they were.

And much, much worse.

Sleep well, in the shadow of your dear Mr. Hyde.

Dream of me.

~Jeff Mach

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