Dr Andy’s All-Night Retro Theater
If you’ve attended a Jeff Mach Event in the last 8 years, you’ve no doubt encountered everyone’s favorite Special Event Operations Mercenary Group, CIRCUIT SIX.  Late Saturday evening, C6’s own Commander will take control of the Embassy Stage and invite night-owls, insomniacs, and eccentric cinemaphiles to sit back and share the joy of late night movies together.
Dr Andy has searched his archives, and assembled a curated selection of films just for this event.  Clues will be provided, and if you can guess the titles before they’re revealed when the movie starts, you are eligible to win prizes and limited Circuit Six promo schwag!
Q:  What films will you be screening?
A:  I’m not telling you; that would ruin the surprise.  They’re awesome.
Q:  Please?
A:  No.
Q:  Are you really running all night long?
A:  Yes.  Sleep is for the weak.
Q:  Do I have to stay all night?
A:  You are free to come and go at any time!  If one of my selections isn’t a favorite, you can find adventure elsewhere and come back later for the next one.
Q:  Can we Riff-Track the films?
A:  While we might do a comedy voice-over selection sometime in the future, this isn’t that. I’m not screening any traditional “talk-along” or audience-participation flicks like RHPS this time around.  An occasional outburst is ok, but not everyone in the room wants constant drunken commentary.  Please be considerate.
Q:  Will there be popcorn?
A:  I’ll have my own popcorn, but I won’t have enough to share.  Bring your own, or email Jeff Mach Himself and ask nicely if you’d like SPWF to provide a popcorn option.  If you do bring popcorn, please clean up after yourself, and leave the room in the condition in which you found it.
Q:  Will this be an open-bar event?
A:  That would be the most wonderful dream… but absolutely not.  That being said, we’re not your parents, so if you do smuggle a flask or something in, just be grown-up about it and don’t ruin the show for anyone else.