ns_darkcontIt is a verifiable fact that everyone of us contains a limited fountain of knowledge. What we believe to be the ultimate understanding can in one day become the stale understanding of a lazy mind. The Dark Continent is a series that explores African traditions founded in religious and mystical belief of the continent itself and beyond. We start in West Africa, expand into Western Civilization via the Slave Trade that continued well into the Victorian Era. It continues to express itself into the media world and has seen an expansion beyond the peoples of African descent into the mainstream. There is a lot to cover, and little time to do it, but Doyaun “El Corsario Negro” Evans will endeavor to enlighten and entertain you at the same time. What is a Zombie really? How did the West react to African religions? How has this inspired our fiction? How can inspire yours? Are there differences from other traditions around the world? When you leave we hope to shed a little light into the darkness of a world that has caused fear, and incited a hunger for exploration and discovery, that at one time took the world by storm.