dancemistressHave you ever wished you could tread the Light Fantastic? Dancing was considered an important social skill in Victorian Times, and Lady De L”Etoile , Dance Mistress, is delighted to return to SPWF with waltz and tango workshops . Come alone or partnered and learn to steam up the dance floor!

Learn to Waltz Workshop
Shocking to many when it was first introduced (due to the close hold of the participants) in Vienna in 1780’s this dance soon grew in popularity, spreading across Europe. This fun dance style that twirls around the floor is still popular today. Come alone or with a partner to learn to tread the floor with ease and elegance in this beginners workshop

Learn to Tango Workshop
People often think of the tango as a more modern dance but it originated in the lower class districts of Beunos Aires and Montevideo in the 1880s. At first it was one of many dances but soon spread to Europe, spawning tango crazes in Paris and London by the early 1900’s. This workshop with focus on basic tango steps for the beginner dancer looking to learn how to steam up a dance floor.