I wish only for a clockwork heartHere is a Steampunk way of looking at love and loss:

Have you had your heart, not simply broken, but hurt so much you thought it was destroyed?

Good! Now you have Power.  Like a lightning bolt through Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory, you can activate something incredible.

You are a creator.

You have the power to re-make your heart.

You have the power to re-make your heart, and you don’t have to choose to make it out of rage and fear.

Make it into what you want to become.  A clockwork man is not a parody of a human; it is animated potential, ready to try to be the best things a human can be.  A clockwork heart can be built as you want.  So want the things that will give you the possibilities you desire.

Remake your heart with joy.
Remake your heart with strength.
Remake your heart with force.
Remake your heart into an imdomitable, unending factory for creating a better life, a sweeter world, a better home for your mind, soul, and needs.

Remake your heart and become something stronger, better than anyone ever imagined.

And when you see that little smudge of red still pooled on the floor, just smile. That was the old you. That was the sad you. That was the you who was afraid.

You don’t need that you any more. You have a greater self to be.

-Jeff Mach

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