Luminary Ticket Holders are cordially invited to a joyous celebration of Cogsday, the first Steampunk Holiday!
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Featuring The Eternal Frontier!
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What is Cogsday and why do we need to celebrate it? (Why Steampunks MUST celebrate Cogsday):

The Steampunk phenomenon itself, has long been celebrated by magnificent events hosted by magnificent people. They have all, either only touched upon or completely overlooked one very important Steampunk frontier, THE BRINY DEPTHS OF THE SEAS!!! Sure you will see the obligatory cephalopod displayed
here and there at conventions! But, our fellow Steampunks, does anyone know where the earliest known example of a gear wheel (A.K.A. Cog), was discovered? If per chance you guessed, the briny depths of the sea, you are 20,000 % correct!

The Antikythera mechanism was discovered in a shipwreck, near  the Greek island of Antikythera in April 1900 by Greek sponge divers, who retrieved numerous artifacts A wealth of bronze and marble statues, pottery, unique glassware, jewelry, coins, and THE MECHANISM! Thought to be a mere a lump of corroded bronze and wood at the time.

The Mechanism went unnoticed for two years, while museum staff worked on piecing together more obvious artifacts. Then, on 17 May 1902, archaeologist Valerios Stais was examining the finds and noticed that one of the pieces of rock, had a GEAR WHEEL embedded in it! The largest gear it contains is approximately 5.5 inches in diameter and originally had 223 teeth. It has since been argued that The Mechanism, dates back to 323 B.C. and it has been called, “The Portable Cosmos!” While we may never know the absolute birth date, of the superlative creation known to us as, “The Cog”. We do know it’s earliest known incarnation was discovered at the bottom of the sea and identified between April 1900 and May 1902! So I ask you my fellow Chronoauts, does it not make absolute sense to celebrate, “Cogsday”as the simultaneous birth and/ or discovery of the Cog???

YES!!! Of course it does!!! That is precisely why Cogsday, THE WORLD’S FIRST EVER STEAMPUNK HOLIDAY, will be celebrated, in force, annually in May, at the world’s largest and most prestigious Steampunk event, “The Steampunk World’s Fair!”

Accept no substitutes! Dates for the second annual Cogsday will be announced soon!

Attendance will be granted to Luminary Ticket Holders only, so buy your tickets while they are still available!!!

In short, Cogsday is THE birthday celebration of the Cog!

Your host, Professor Adam Smasher
(with edits by Mr. Ben Walker)