Friday, May 15th - Sunday, May 17th, 2015
Piscataway, NJ

Clockwork Dolls

The Clockwork Dolls


Allison Curval and Helene de Fer began The Clockwork Dolls in 2007 with an idea: To create music that serves not only as a means of the listener’s recreation, but also as the means of a story’s narration; To be a group of writers and actors, bringing the magic of the theatre and the opera back into live musical performance; To become storytellers like the days of old.

The duo combines Allison Curval’s fusing of traditional classical music, contemporary musical scores, and modern electronic music with Helene De Fer’s passionate and poetic lyrics and detailed story writing. Together, they paint the epic musical picture of an elaborate and strange world as they tell the familiar tale of a young noble woman and her best friend battling against the odds for the freedom to be themselves. It is a world filled with pirates, dark saloons, airships, and the technology of both past and future. It is a story filled with drama, bravery, tragedy, and adventure.

These are the stories of dreamers, the stories of warriors, the stories of freethinkers. These are the tales of people who fly.