My name is Charles E. Mason II. I am the first born of eight children, six brothers and one sister. I grew up in Canoga Park CA, played football for William Howard Taft High school for 4 years where I was given the honor of becoming a member of the Los Angeles High School All City Football Team of 1997. After high school I decided to pursue my dreams and my true passion, to become a Special Effects Makeup Artist.

My first position was working with the visionary Screaming Mad George known for the special effects in the movie “Big Trouble in Little China” and many other movies. Check the following site for a list of Screaming Mad George movies () .After my run with Screaming Mad GeorgeI moved on to Global Effects (), a company specializing in outfitting uniforms and equipment for astronaut effects. I then moved on to the world of special effects prosthetics working with the inspirational and incredible Mike Mcgee at Alex In Wonderland (). I learned many of my artistic skills from my employment with these companies. I decided to leave Hollywood for new adventures.

I moved to Portland OR where would fuse my Hollywood artistic skills with my new craft. I attended Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, with my specialty being baking and pastry. During the past ten years I have pushed myself to reformulate cakes into works of art. My gingerbread cakes are out of this world creating two sided castles, pirate ship, and even an old steam train. While the baking is fun and I will always love creating baked works of art, it does not fill my heart like creating objects in the Steampunk design.

As long as I can remember I have loved making things from what is around me, from junk to broken toys. Steampunk is in my blood and I am fulfilling another dream by sharing my passion and creativity with all people. The characters I create are unique and they each have a story to tell. My character to the left is Krank Shaft, the weapons engineer. Other characters I have created include:”Kog 10,500″, The Gate Builder….My new “Neptunian” suit and my version of “The Plague Doctor”.

My ideas come to me during my meditation sessions. Meditation opens me up into a deeply creative space that is part of my very core. This adds to the uniquely creative design of my creations.

I am also pleased that I was chosen as one of ten artists to participate in the first ever Steampunk design show, “Steampunk’D”. The first episode of “Steampunk’D” aired on the GSN Network on August 19 of 2015. Watch it, enjoy it and have fun.

I have created Lord Mason’s Extraordinary Designs to share my passion and my vision of Steampunk. My creations are unique, thoughtfully designed, cleverly crafted and very well made. I will provide you with an epic piece of art at all times.