All Geared Up by Threads of Time


An eclectic collection of vintage and antique bags/pouches/headwear/accessories; new made leather gloves, holsters and flight caps, Clothing suitable for Adventuring, DIY supplies, and assorted sundries.

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Corvus Creations


We at Corvus Creations are the purveyors of fine Steampunk, Neo-Victorian, and Pagan jewelry and sundries. Do you need something enticingly Edwardian? Vaguely Victorian? Sorta Steampunk? Look no further! Corvus Creations has something for everyone! Every item guaranteed to cure blindness, shigella, chicken pox, impotence, black plague, social awkwardness, vapors, scurvy, halitosis, baldness, hirsuteness, acne, and […]

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Geisha Moth


INNOVATIVE Steampunk Clothing in UNUSUAL FABRICS that TRANSFORM into OTHER GARMENTS (yes you read that correctly!) Everything is Professionally Homemade in the USA! In a REAL HOME!

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Lincoln Street Design


I am inspired by the strange and unusual. I mix science and art, fabricating Memento Mori and other jewelry using recycled hardware, hammered copper, silver and brass, found objects, natural semi-precious gemstones, and antique portraits.

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Sweet Steam Confectionery Consortium


Sweet Steam exists to deliver the finest eclectic chocolates to honor and bring joy to fellow steampunk enthusiasts. We craft our chocolates in shapes and flavors that evoke a sense of nostalgia for a decadent past that never was.

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