All Geared Up by Threads of Time


An eclectic collection of vintage and antique bags/pouches/headwear/accessories; new made leather gloves, holsters and flight caps, Clothing suitable for Adventuring, DIY supplies, and assorted sundries.

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Caruso Kith Kin & Co


Chainmaille creatures, cast pewter, and clockwork curiosities. Our horologist will be on site, so be sure to bring your pocket watches for appraisal and repairs!

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Corvus Creations


We at Corvus Creations are the purveyors of fine Steampunk, Neo-Victorian, and Pagan jewelry and sundries. Do you need something enticingly Edwardian? Vaguely Victorian? Sorta Steampunk? Look no further! Corvus Creations has something for everyone! Every item guaranteed to cure blindness, shigella, chicken pox, impotence, black plague, social awkwardness, vapors, scurvy, halitosis, baldness, hirsuteness, acne, and […]

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FotoPlex are your premiere green-screen portrait specialists! We come well prepared with backdrops from the 1800s to 1900s as well as Steampunk fantasy backdrops. You work hard on your Steampunk couture and accessories. You deserve to showcase them properly. Let FotoPlex take your picture in another time… a BETTER time and immortalize the moment for […]

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Geisha Moth


INNOVATIVE Steampunk Clothing in UNUSUAL FABRICS that TRANSFORM into OTHER GARMENTS (yes you read that correctly!) Everything is Professionally Homemade in the USA! In a REAL HOME!

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Lincoln Street Design


I am inspired by the strange and unusual. I mix science and art, fabricating Memento Mori and other jewelry using recycled hardware, hammered copper, silver and brass, found objects, natural semi-precious gemstones, and antique portraits.

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Mad Girl Clothing by Pendragon Costumes


Pendragon Costumes recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. Nicole is still the sole designer and personally crafts 95% of all our garments, as she has for the past quarter century. Proud to sell quality custom Renaissance, Steampunk and Neo Victorian clothing for both men and women: specializing in leather vests and unique corseted items.

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Mrs. Pettigrew ‘ s Fantastical Feathered Millinery


Mrs. Pettigrew’s Fantastical Feathered Millinery and Other Curious Contrivances is a shop like no other. With our collection of adult head wear, jewelry, reproduction flintlocks, soaps, cosmetics, and so much more…you will see why we are truly a unique shopping experience!

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Sweet Steam Confectionery Consortium


Sweet Steam exists to deliver the finest eclectic chocolates to honor and bring joy to fellow steampunk enthusiasts. We craft our chocolates in shapes and flavors that evoke a sense of nostalgia for a decadent past that never was.

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Willow’s Creatures


Magical, mythical or mundane, I can crochet anything! Dragons of various sizes, character dolls, jewelry… you name it, I can make it! Custom orders are always welcome.

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