Mr and Mrs MacEwans Steamtrunk Emporium

We sell the the best goggles in town. No plastic no elastic is our motto. Each pair is handcrafted by the artists with hand painting and stitching.

We also make wooden journal covers and we put them on moleskin journals. All artwork is original by the artist.

We also make the world famous bone pins.

Mrs. Pettigrew’s

Mrs. Pettigrew’s Fantastical Feathered Millinery and Other Curious Contrivances is a shop like no other.

With our collection of adult head wear, jewelry, reproduction flintlocks, soaps, cosmetics, and so much more – you will see why we are truly a unique shopping experience!

Celeste Agnes

Beautiful and unique hand-crafted masks of animals and fantasy creatures. Wearable pieces of art suitable for performance art or as a finishing touch for a special costume.