Steam Forged Studios

I have been working with my son, Brock (Blacksmith and owner of Warfire Forge) for over six years now creating all sorts of items and accessories. I have now decided to form and focus on my own shop. I specialize in hand made fabricated Steampunk, anime, fantasy, and historical items. I love to craft quality items that make people happy.


We create together out of our love for all things steampunk. Our creations range from weapons, to jewelry, to and even clothes. Every piece we create is unique and one of a kind.


Gadgetometers presents handcrafted items that whether you are a time traveler, vampire hunter, fairy friend or explorer will lend distinction to any persona. Our inventory includes theme related items like goggles, jewelry, hats, time machines, jetpacks, costume accessories and small vintage items.

The Picklepot

Steampunk is our past and our future! It was slippery slope, the first time I cracked the back off a broken watch and started playing with the pieces. The mix of metals, shapes, and mechanical workings drew me down the rabbit hole, and I have been happily lost there for years. Society is waxing nostalgic, for the world we were promised by those late 19th century writers, and my work satisfies that longing.

Butterflies By LYN

At Butterflies by LYN you will find several intriguing unique pieces, along with entomology items. You can find the rarest of insects including gigantic butterflies and beetles, to the not so common gigantic walking stick and walking leaves. She also creates pieces of jewelry using real wings. Each one is handmade as LYN is also a jeweler. Each one of her insects are attained from ethical sources, and she professionally and artistically prepares them to ensure they will last for generations to come. LYN’s passion extends to all things from nature. In her shop you will also find miniature aquariums and terrariums along with stones, and other unique gifts. Collectors and spectators are more than welcome to come and see LYN’s creations.