Auntie Arwen’s Spices


Auntie Arwen’s Spices is one-stop shopping for the freshest home made spice blends. You will not return to store bought spice blends after you try us out.

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Cucina Aurora Kitchen Witchery


Cucina Aurora Kitchen Witchery helps you make Meal Time Magic with our unique blend of herbal olive oil infusions, authentic risottos, and a myriad of gourmet foods and kitchen witchy supplies! You will be string up a little magic in no time!

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Solstice Brews


Solstice Brews aspires to introduce you to innovative blends that you can’t pull off a grocery store shelf. From Scurvy Shanty tea, designed for all those wayfaring voyages at sea to Absinthe Aethers, the perfect cup for a Steampunk gathering, Solstice Brews has got an adventure in store for you Katherine McIntyre (author and owner […]

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Suleiman’s Turkish Delights


Suleiman’s Turkish Delights provides the most exotic and delicious Coffee, Sweets and Confections from the Near East. Delight in the exotic aromas and flavors while experiencing the rejuvenation one finds in this Mysterious and Energizing Brew

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Sweet Steam Confectionery Consortium


Sweet Steam exists to deliver the finest eclectic chocolates to honor and bring joy to fellow steampunk enthusiasts. We craft our chocolates in shapes and flavors that evoke a sense of nostalgia for a decadent past that never was.

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Tea & Absinthe


Tea & Absinthe brings Decadence and Delight for the Elegantly Geeky! Gourmet loose leaf tea, fabulous teaware, and absinthe accouterments for the discerning time traveler. Plus, high-end truffles in tantalizing flavors! You never know what adventures you’ll find in our shop of treasures…

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Wanderlust Tea Company


Offering artisanal loose leaf from around the world, Wanderlust strives to bring the diversity of tea to curious palates (and curious minds) everywhere. We feature a wide array of delectable, carefully sourced regional teas, and scrumptious blends that highlight rather than overpower. Free the Leaf! Viva la camelia sinensis!

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