Samiah Fine Clothing

We make beautiful clothing for Men and Women, custom fit, custom designed and styled as you wish. We specialize in all sizes. Victorian, steampunk and a little touch of pirate is found in our clothing. High end Designer clothing with high quality standards.

Cross Rose

Imported, custom and handmade Japanese lolita alternative fashion dresses & petticoats, delicate chokers, cute and gothic frills.

We have everything from small accessories and adorable plush animals, to full outfits from head to toe.

House of Grand Design

We believe that a garment, like a story, is only as good as the details that complete it. Through elegance of design and excellence of materials we help you tell the story of who you are. Through a combination of outrageous colors or subtle curves we are able to create a piece that is not only incredible to wear but also able to withstand the test of time.

All made by hand in the USA our items range from purple overcoats to black and white striped suits.