Retro Cornucopia

Retro Cornucopia, started by John Mape, specializes in antique restoration and custom home furniture and decor. We design, make, or procure the most interesting, weird, whimsical, ugly, and totally pointless things you could ever imagine and stockpile them in our store. John Mape’s eclectic collections are available at your leisure and pleasure.


Hand etched decanters and glassware. Looking for a unique gift with a touch of class? Look no further my darlings. MadEtcha is here to bestow upon you her freehand engraved glass etchings.

Functional art for table and apothecary, this glass has been rescued from the very bowels of the earth, the fiery depths of backyard pits, the back rooms of bars, and the hands of many a giggling drunk to be brought back to life for your use and pleasure. No templates are ever used, making each and every one a unique and charming addition to anyone’s abode.


The Devils Darkroom

The Devils Darkroom does ferrotype & Ambrotype photography, also known as wet plate or tin types. Just how they were done during the 1860s.

The Devils darkroom technique is true to the 19th century and some of our equipment is over 150 years old.

We take pride in the fact that the image is hand-crafted from start to finish, presenting you with the Ultimate SteamPunk Photo.