Steam Powered Arts

Hand crafted steampunk inspired jewelry made from vintage parts. We also sell vintage pocket watches and wrist watches, hand crafted steampunk style blue tooth stereos, and leather goods.

Mrs. Pettigrew’s

Mrs. Pettigrew’s Fantastical Feathered Millinery and Other Curious Contrivances is a shop like no other.

With our collection of adult head wear, jewelry, reproduction flintlocks, soaps, cosmetics, and so much more – you will see why we are truly a unique shopping experience!

Celeste Agnes

Beautiful and unique hand-crafted masks of animals and fantasy creatures. Wearable pieces of art suitable for performance art or as a finishing touch for a special costume.

HRLMS Creations-Apothecary of Magic

HRLMS Creations has added more flair with the addition of the Apothecary of Magic themed labels for each line of jewelry. I’m a one man band who specialized in up-cycled and re-purposed objects in ways never thought of. My findings include antique Victorian Era Sterling Silver vanity pieces and flatware, skeleton keys, watch movements and parts, dried botanicals, fantasy themed elements just to name a few. Add these things with boundless creativity, a whimsy state of mind, silversmithing, and electroplating and it is a recipe for magnificence!